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Reflections: 'Be', Volume 1


We Will Never Pass This Way Again…

Commentary by Clarkspur Emden

The art of simply being is one of the most elusive of all the great disciplines. How many of us can fill our inner selves, as Buddha stated, with nothingness? How many of us can achieve the marvelous simplicity of living in the present and being as children again, as Christ suggested? How may we have a rich inner life and not be constantly over-stimulated by some “outer itch” that constantly attracts and initiates a restlessness within and exposes us to the never-ending merry-go-round of consumerism, controlling and deceptive governments, -isms and –anities to confuse us, a covert financial industry, and religion-for-profit? We dwell within a morass of confusing emotional lives, money, legal or illegal drugs, family, and/or other people hounding us. Sooner or later the stress and overload overwhelm us and we are confronted with the reality of a lost, confused self. How much of our dream came true?

Who are you? If “know thyself” is a powerful parable, then how do we begin? This music album is designed to open the core part of our emotions to the words and music of these special songs. In a unique way, it begins with a reflective meditation, giving us permission to let go of everything, and just be: be at one with yourself, be at one with God (or whatever your perception of spiritual oneness brought about by intelligent design might be to you); be at one with pain, tears, hurt, healing, joy, laughter—whatever the music evokes in you—let it be.

Much of this healing, beautiful musical journey makes us reflect as it invokes memories that review our youths, our first loves, our passions, our gains, our losses. Each song will guide you to a new place to explore or just drift, if you wish it to. And, if you fall asleep listening, all the better, in the land of the subconscious you will dream the dreams that sprites and angels dream, those who have come to help. Be open. Be still. Be precious to your own conduct. You will never pass this way again, this life is this life and none other. What shall you choose to do with you? How shall you best spend the precious golden hours remaining? May that spirit be with you…… C.E.

1. Be (Diamond)

Discovering the Personal Elation of Being-ness

Quiet yourself, close your eyes. Feel the music fill you, go with it. Visualize the journey of Jonathan Livingston Seagull as his rejection from the world and resulting loneliness take him to dimensions of peace and love never dreamt of. “Be, like a page that aches for a word that is timeless…” Find the timelessness in your self, literally, take time out of your life to listen to this music and the medicinal words. See it as a prayer, opening the veil, that has been so long hidden from you. In our search for a contented life, who or what are we seeking? “Lost on a painted sky, where the clouds are hung by the poet’s eye, you may find him, if you may find him” the lyrics of this song announce. Is all of life illusion? “There on a distant shore by the wings of dreams, through an open door, you may know him, if you may know him,” the song urges us to know more than our everyday selves think we know. And, for all of us, we would love to sing the song of peace, love, harmony, well being, health, and connection with the Great All. “Sing, as a song in search of a voice that is silent…” we are told to find the next destination of our lives, yet when we arrive, there is no speech, for the voice within you is silent, all-knowing, all-communicating without words. So, in the end, we “dance to a whispered voice, over-heard by the soul, undertook by the heart—and you may know it.” This is the prayer, the opening from within, the land beyond fear or doubt. Trust the feeling, go with the music….

2. What Is a Youth?/A Time for Us (Rota/Walter)

Seeing Youth and Aging as Part of a Process of Life

When you are young, romantic love’s illusion comes seeking you. “Comes a time when one sweet smile has its season for a while, then love’s in love with me,” so say the lyrics. With life fresh and the hormones in full bloom, we embark upon the journey of youth. The world, increasingly, has a cosmetic ethos with an accent on the young. This is a human tragedy for, in the “mix” of learning about life, there must be the elements of wisdom and counsel from middle-aged souls and the healthy elders. Then there are the sages, masters, and celestial ones who have come to guide us through these growing phases.

This song is the review of your youth, the retracing of the steps taken at a time when there truly was no tomorrow that really mattered, you would live forever. But the song also contains a beautiful wisdom: “A rose will bloom, it then will fade, so dies the youth, so dies the fairest maid…” Who wants to grow old? Yet it is the reality of a nature-life. But, during the time of youth, most will “think only to marry, others will tease and tarry, mine is the very best parry, Cupid he rules us all!” And, yet, there is a perfect time for all to bloom in our lives, a time when we feel we can overcome anything. “And with our love through tears and thorns, we will endure as we pass surely through every storm, a time for us, someday there’ll be, a new world, a world of shining hope for you and me.” Take this song to your heart, let it flow through you, feel the joy and the pain of ecstasy and disappointment for, in remembering the reality of relationship with another, we will be wisely reminded that romantic love is “sweeter than honey and bitter as gall, love is a task and it never will pall, sweeter than honey and bitter as gall, Cupid he rules us all….” And, in the end of all things, all you truly have left is you. Learn to love you, the inner beauty you are and youth will abide in you all of your days.

3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (Denny)

Learning How to Literally “Take Time Out” of Life’s Equation

Who knows where the time goes? And how do we feel when other people abandon us? This is such a song, meant perhaps as a wake-up call to remind us of the wasted hours, days, and years we may feel we have frittered away. Yet all is not lost, for there is always someone who cares about us. “Across the morning sky, all the birds are leaving…ah, how can they know, it’s time for them to go?” But, “Before the winter fire we’ll still be dreaming, I do not count the time…” Lovers seldom do count the time, unless it’s anticipation for their next meeting. But the magic of real togetherness intends that time is taken out of the equation and the bliss of now is all there is.

This is a song to assure your interdependence in the world, while maintaining courage and strength you are not alone in your seeming loneliness. As you listen, let time go, feel that you are taken care of – no matter what, that your fears and worries shall dissipate and you will know the happiness of that little cabin by the lakeshore. “Sad deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving, ah, but you know, it’s time for them to go…” Those who do not belong in your life cannot stay; your deepest self knows that. Let them go. Let everything go. The sacred part of self will not desert you: “But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving, I do not count the time…” So, in the end, whether it is another person close to you or the soul that is you, do not fear: “So come the storms of winter—and the birds in spring again, I do not fear the time—{for} who knows how my love grows? Who knows where the time goes?” In this eternal cycle of life, be at peace, know the holy place within you, that in your timeless self, there is no beginning or ending.

4. Nights in White Satin (Justin Hayward)

Seeing Intent, Plan, and Growth in Chaos

Life is confusing. “Nights in white satin, never reaching the end, letters I’ve written, never meaning to send.” This song is about the distance between the ideal we have for our lives and the reality of what our lives become. How much of the dream comes true? “Beauty I’ve always missed,” says the poet, “with these eyes before, {but} just what the truth is, I don’t know anymore.” The lines between fantasy and reality become blurred, sometimes; we seek those fabulous “nights in white satin” with someone we love or desire. But whatever fraction of that fantasy comes true for us, reveals itself later on as not quite being as fulfilling as we envisioned it. Why? Because there is another person involved. No two people see with the same eyes. And so the pain and frustration of separation become devastating, the ego cannot withstand the withdrawal; so we get lost, for we cannot understand that the other person did not completely share our vision of the ideal relationship. “Gazing at people, some hand-in-hand, just what I’m going through, they can’t understand. Some try to tell me…words they cannot defend—just what you want to be, you’ll be in the end….” So, perhaps, in the end, we have ourselves planted the seeds for what happens to us, for consciously or unconsciously, we realize nothing can remain static, everything changes.

This song is about allowing the confusion to heal itself by the realization that what truly belongs to us, remains, but what was never ours, will be removed from us---or we from it. Let those tears wash over you, for the human enigma is never knowing the whole story, but only the part we are allowed to live in the moment. We think, at times, we are in control of our lives, but we never are. As we sum up the loves of our lives, there appears the specter of helplessness: that we can never quite figure out human nature and we can only say, as the song, “I love you, oh, how I love you…I love you….” After all, in the end, all we have is love. And who amongst us can define love? So soar with this song, rise up with the singer to the loving, humble admission that we do not know, but we are, nevertheless, in the middle of things that are in the middle of things and somehow everything is exactly as it should be, regardless of how difficult it may be to see it at the time as life unfolds within us.

5. Love Song (Duncan)

Being Willing to Make Major Changes and Move On in Life

In a way, this song represents the natural follow-up of the previous number. The “teacher” singing this song reminds us to keep things simple, to remember what we came for is love, in all its incredible forms. “The words I have to say may be simple but they’re true; until you give your love there’s nothing more that we can do” states this wonderful musical lesson for us. But who is “we” in this song? Perhaps the guides or angelic realms that watch over us, tapping us on the shoulder and saying, “You say it’s very hard to leave behind the life you knew, but there’s no other way and, now, it’s really up to you.” We are reminded to accept that “love is the opening door, love is what we came here for, no one could offer you more—do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?” We wonder, with all the comings and goings of the busyness of our everyday lives, what have we taken, in a special moment, to make the attempt to see how uncomplicated pure and honest love is? Have we mustered the courage to move on in our lives despite the unknown or unknowable that lies before us?

6. This Land Is Mine from Exodus (Gold/Boone)

Belonging to a Place in the World

When we really reflect within ourselves, we may ask the question, “Where do we belong?” Even if we were born and raised in another state or country and we haven’t lived there for many years and find ourselves transplanted to somewhere we never thought we’d live—do we “belong” to the new land we find ourselves in? Or are we simply children of the universe? This song begs the question of belonging, our patriotic and/or ethnic obligation to tradition--and do we have to fight for every bit of land our forebears have ever occupied? Perhaps the keys in this song are the lyrics “Though I am just a man when you are by my side, with the help of God I know I can be strong to make this land my own.” With his woman by his side, this man creates where he is his home. So, is the family unit the real “home”? But, right afterward, the age-old question raises its troublesome head: “If I must fight to make this land my own, I’ll fight to make this land our home, until I die this land is mine!” Whether it’s testosterone, ethnic prejudice, ego, genetically hard-wired directives, political expediency, greed, fear, or some other human trait phenomena, it is as old as the hills and all people have arrived where they are by taking someone else’s land at one time or another. So, the question remains, Where do we belong? And are we “legally” at home? To our emotions, it doesn’t matter for “there’s no place like home, Auntie Em” rings true for all of us. So, is the land we belong to an ethereal or spiritual real estate? Is it like “in my Father’s house are many mansions and I go there to prepare a place for you”? No matter what, it is clear we need to belong. So here we are, it seems, one home at a time in our earthly existence. Perhaps, like all of life, everything is lived in chapters and each “home” a passage as all in the 3-D world is temporal.

7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg)

Hope, Faith, & Giving without Expectation within the Cycle of Life

“When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around, Heaven opens a magic lane…” Few stories (The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum 1910) and fewer motion pictures have reached so many souls with a positive communication as has this one. The music and, particularly, the song in this album carry an immortal message: “When all the clouds darken up the skyway, there’s a rainbow highway to be found, leading from your window pane to a place behind the sun, just a step beyond the rainbow….” Through this positive melody and lyric, we are given the hope that there is so much more to the universe than we can imagine. Coming from our limited three-dimensional little worlds, many new dimensions are opened to us. And, as the story unfolds, we are shown faith, that through any adversity, we can emerge victorious—and that true friends can be loyal. And when these unlikely companions join one another, however, they support each other during the journey of the quest to the Emerald City, there is never expectation or the need for remuneration for services kindly rendered. The entire reward is in the love the companions have discovered in each other.

The symbology of each person’s search for home, heart, intelligence, and courage when they already possess these qualities is likened to the human condition: we already have within us everything we need to make the journey. This is a very healing song, for it reaches our hearts and allows us to be child-like again, bringing forth the believable (unquestioned faith) that stems from a child’s wondrous and unbiased imagination before the world snuffs it out. At the end of the song, we get a hint of death or transfiguration as we drop off the earth-pod to meld in consciousness once again with the Great All. “Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me; where troubles melt like lemon drops a way above the chimney tops—that’s where you’ll find me!” And, observing nature and its perfectly balanced polarities of birth-and-return, we conclude the song, “If happy little bluebirds fly up o’er the rainbow, then why oh why can’t I……?”

8. Bali Ha’i (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

An Exotic Paradise as an Illusion, a Dream of the Ideal Life

“Most people live on a lonely island, lost in the middle of a foggy sea,” the lyrics begin. As you know, we are born alone, we will leave this planet alone. In a way, we are “lonely islands” all of our lives, conditioned by societies that make our earthly existence seem awfully “foggy” a lot of the time. But, “Most people long for another island, one where they know they would like to be” reveals something within us that seeks a happier place, one with love, sharing, companionship, friends, social association, etc. So this island paradise calls out to us most of our lives, some ideal place in the imagination that cries to us in the night like a seducing siren, “Come to me, come to me, come to me!”

Listen to this song with a happy heart, know there is a unique place for you in this world, in this universe. The promise the song makes is clear: “Someday you’ll see me, floating in the sunshine, my head sticking out from a low-flying cloud…’ll hear me call you, singing through the sunshine, sweet and clear as can be…” Hear your own heart’s desire call out to you, allow it to come to you, give yourself permission to accept the very best, the highest quality, the perfect everything. Bali Ha’i was never a physical location on a map, but a state of mind beyond the illusion-self that can manifest for you in this world. Listen to this song as you envision your “wish list” and know it shall be fulfilled.

9. Whiffenpoof Song (Minnigerode/Pomeroy/Galloway)

Making Each Moment Count and Not Dissipating Our Gifts

How briefly we are here, then gone. “To the tables down at Mory’s, to the place where Louis dwells, to the good old Temple Bar we loved so well….we will serenade our Louis while life and love do last, then we’ll pass and be forgotten with the rest.” As mentioned earlier, sometimes we do get lost in this life. It is difficult enough to find the middle of the road again and be “found,” but it is near impossible to be clouded with drugs, alcohol, over-eating, sexual addiction, or any other excessive practice one can think of—and still fight our way out of it to a state of well being. “Gentlemen songsters off on a spree, doomed from here to eternity,” the song goes. “We’re little lambs who have gone astray” almost gives permission to over-indulge simply by the admission.

This song is about healing the part of us that has been wounded by allowing ourselves to “numb-out and dumb-down” until we get lost. How can we be happy when we fight daily for a meaningful existence or deny an identity that gives us credence in the world or prevents our creativity from flowing? We were meant to be joyful beings. So, in listening to this song, take a degree of understanding from yourself and give it to those who suffer in the stupor of being lost. Feel the meaning of the ending words, “Lord, have mercy on such as we…baa, baa, baa…”

10. To Give (Crewe/Gaudio)

Giving Without Expectation for a Fulfilling Life

The most ideal of lyrics begin this song: “To give is the reason I live, to give all I can give in return for the life that I earn.” Music can be a spiritual language. This song is one such communication, its power is its truth. “I was born as a part of a plan, with the heart of a man with a will to survive…I believe everything on this earth, having meaning and worth…is to share…” What greater message from guides and angels can we receive?! (1) that each of us must earn our place in creation, (2) we are part of a plan in the universe, (3), although we have instincts to survive, beyond that there is a spiritual quality in the desire to share.

The constant search for identity with and in the universe drives human nature to its finest moments. As the second verse of the song reveals, “To feel justified I exist, to be scribed on the list of someone with a place in the sun…” We all want to be “scribed” on some list of eternity, to be known by something or someone that doesn’t die or pass away. A most painful thing is to be forgotten, unremembered by people, God, or the universe. But the soul who sings this song is brave: “Here I stand reaching out to the sky, ‘til the day that I die I must give all I can, {for} when I go, I’ll go out empty-hand, leaving dust to the land, when this soul I have found…leaves the ground…..” That’s it, the alpha and omega of life. What if “we” (whoever or whatever we are) simply borrowed a body and soul for this lifetime? And we have to give it back when we leave. Like a long day at school, at eventide we will go home with our education remaining with us, electromagnetically integrated into the vibrational beings we truly are. Be precious with this song as you would be precious with your self; as you listen, put yourself in place of the singer—how does it feel? To give without counting, to give without expectation of reward or payment, to give because it enriches you and everything you touch.

11. Follow Me (Lerner & Lowe)

Allowing the Perfect Vision Within to Express Without

Merlin, King Arthur’s magician and seer, is summoned to help Arthur recall the perfect dream of Camelot. But so much time has gone by and how much of the dream came true? Wars continue, Arthur’s queen Guinevere has run off with his most beloved knight, Lancelot, he has sired an illegitimate child through a half-sister who shall ultimately destroy him, his knights have gone off on a quest for the Holy Grail only to meet with horrid disaster—and Excaliber, the fabled sword given by the Lady of the Lake to protect the ideal of Camelot must be thrown back into the lake. The humans seemed unworthy of the ideal concept that the Round Table represented.

But this song is filled with love, warmth, joy, and everlasting hope that such a state of being can exist. Merlin reminds Arthur, “Through the clouds grey with years, over hills wet with tears, to a world young and free—we shall fly!—follow me.” says the sage. “To the tree where our hopes hang high, to a dream that will never die, where our long lost tomorrows still are in the sweet by and by.” We are being told, if something doesn’t work the first time, try again—until we get it! So, in the reality of our three-dimensional existence, Merlin tells us there is so much more, so many other dimensions and possibilities. Perhaps it is there that Camelot’s conception begins, in the lands beyond the mists, and Arthur’s struggle is to see that model work on the earth. Before he vanishes, he instructs Arthur, “Time goes by, or do we? Close your eyes and you’ll see, as we were we can be! Follow me, follow me, follow me……” And then he is gone. Allow yourself your errors, pick yourself up, and begin your new “Camelot” again, until, finally, your perfect dream is a reality and you have been the true and honest medium of its expression on the earth plane. What is greater than this?

12. I Will Never Pass This Way Again (Gaylord)

Being in the NOW, Living this Day Fully, and Taking Appropriate Action

Even beyond religion there is spirituality, that state of being where one’s covenant is directly with God (or whatever one’s perception of Loving Intelligence in the cosmos might be) and answers only to that contract. If there’s any good you can do, do it now—today! As the song lyrics tell us, “Tomorrow may be too late, my friend, to do all the good that was planned. So reach out to those who need you and lend them a helping hand.” This song is designed to inspire us to take action on what we have procrastinated in too long. Now is the hour for, as the song concludes, “I’ll never see this day, I’ll never pass this way again.” Embrace, with appreciation, every breath we are allowed to take, every morsel of love we are able to share, every smile we can give, every way we can give that allows us to let go of the old and embrace the new.

13. BONUS SELECTION: Catch the Wind from the VV SERIES album CRY (The Anatomy of a Tear), a companion album to this one.